HALAT Telegram promotional service


Effective promotion of telegram projects, only real subscribers interested in your content.


Inviting users to your channels, groups and supergroups from target bases, competitor groups, etc.


Development of individual design for your telegram project.


Mailings to private messages on your and our users databases.


The upward trend - Telegram channels, allows you to create not only source of passive income on advertising, but also help the owners reach the most active and involved audience that is always with you in smartphone.

Our service HALAT.XYZ makes the promotion of Telegram projects much more accessible.

You no longer need to buy expensive advertising in third-party services, sites and greedy competitors in the subject field. We will select the target audience and invite it to your telegram project in an automatic mode. It is important that those who have entered will do so voluntarily and are not bots, which has a positive effect on project statistics.

Attraction of the target audienceMinimal order1000 subs!
From 0.3 Cents/Subscriber
InvitingMinimal order1000 subs!
From 0.5 Cents/Subscriber
MailingsMinimal order1000 subs!
From 0.6 Cents/Message
DesignChannel design, avatar, banners.
From 100 $
Technology promotion, selection of the target audience

You always remain the main administrator and completely control the process of our activity.

Selection of the target audience is based on the themes of your channel, and depending on it, the terms of channel promotion also change. The mechanism allows you to show information about your channel to various audiences in our advertising network. There is the possibility of parsing groups of competitors and attracting their audience.

The risk of ban is missing! We attract gradually, and not in 1 day.

Possible “healthy” 5-15% unsubscription.

In case of failure to fulfill an order – full refund.

How we work?

Similar to other promotion services, the halat.xyz service works on a prepaid basis:

– “In the morning money – in the afternoon chairs, in the afternoon money – in the evening chairs, in the evening money – at night chairs, at night money – in the morning chairs” – old adage.

From the moment of payment, the order goes straight to work and within 24 hours you see the first results. This moment is not discussed, you get the service for which you pay.

Accepting all type of Cards and all popular crypto-currencies.

Monetize channels and Advertising

Yes! We are always ready to explain to the client how and where to find advertisers.

At the moment there are many channels in the Telegram with the number of subscribers from 100 to 2000 people. If you want to monetize your project, we recommend ordering promotion from 5000 people and higher.

Channels from 10,000 people fall into the top lists where they can easily find advertisers, the cost of 1 advertising post for 24 hours in a channel with such coverage of the audience varies from 100 $ to 300 $.

Publish to the channel only important and useful information, do not make a “trash” from the channel which will be unpleasant to read, and spam notifications will make drown out notices and mute you. Even with 100,000 people on the channel, with poor content – you will have poor attendance and, as a consequence, low interest from advertisers.


Results may vary from case to case.

We also reserve the right to refuse refund, if:

1. The ordered services were fulfilled

2. The customer makes unreasonable claims

3. The customer artificially prevents the process of promotion

The service works only through the telegram account @halat_xyz , do not be fired on offers from other sources, scammers work on our behalf.

Don’t wait!

Write us. Manager will accept the order in the best possible way and will consult on any issue.

RuslanLives on mom's money, CryptoGuru, Blogger

I always wanted to run my crypt blog to share interesting information with people. Videoblogging is good, but not at all and not always there is an opportunity to watch video. Telegram channel, this is what you need. Guys unleashed the channel from scratch, caught up with the target audience. I publish articles, receive positive response and new clients. From time to time write interested advertisers, and since the coverage I have is not small, I get extra income.

Litter RateJust a great guy

Engaged in the rates from adolescence, I have accumulated quite a lot of knowledge. I understood that it was time to monetize my knowledge. Telegram channels are an excellent solution, if you do not want to make a website or keep your public, they are out of fashion now. Who wants to put and exit + subscribe to my channel https://t.me/dallashp . Thanks to the service halat.xyz for irreplaceable help in promotion and design at the start of the project.

ValeriSMM, marketing specialist, magazine editor

I for 3 months have typed or collected pitiful 330 subscribers collecting on particles through VK and instagram. Has hammered in the searcher - promotion of telegrams and has got on a site of the given service. For a week with a tail extended the audience to 14,600 people, my subjects soared like a rocket! Now there is a constant increase in the audience daily. I want to thank the team halat.xyz for a conscientious and quick work. My channel https://t.me/lerchek_public subscribe :)

IlnurMoneymaker, online businessman

A friend had a channel for 2,000 people, I immediately realized that this was a gold mine, but how to unleash was a big question. This service allows you to unleash telegram channels quickly and efficiently, the guys provide competent support. Now the goal is a network of 10 channels of various subjects, to provide themselves with passive income and to buy an apartment for mom.

Jonny FordBusinessman, Investor, Philanthropist

Hola and my huge thanks to Halat service, they did awersome promo of my project in Spain: https://t.me/JonnyFordBlog

Gennadiy StarikovSpecialist in the construction industry

The service keeps top position on my list for now. We work about a year on a permanent basis. The operator helped me with the promotion from scratch to what I have now. Of course, I haven’t earned a Ferrari yet, but I wouldn’t get such income from advertising on the channel if I did everything myself. Thank you for the quality product!

RodislavToo famous

Our company is engaged in business training throughout Russia. They got a telegram channel to be able to attract a new audience and fill in interesting trainings there. We have a large Instagram and public and VC, people from there very reluctant to move. They did advertising with competitors, which was a big mistake, they just leaked money without return. Appealed to halat.xyz for promotion, because they inspired confidence at first sight. Satisfied with their work, I recommend to everyone.


Wrote, paid, received. The service works for a quality result and earns loyal customers.